In the Spotlight: Focus on the Positives

“May You Live in Interesting Times.” Ancient Chinese Curse

When we did our Spotlight post last month planes were still flying, people travelling, and museums were all open. In roughly four weeks everything has changed, the world is stopping, people are losing jobs and the apocalyptic feeling is growing with more ghost towns in lockdown. Wow! These changes are a lot to come to terms with making for a very stressful, uncertain time and for many of us it is overwhelming.. IF we keep focusing on all of the above, all of the negativity.

There is an alternative way, to try and focus on the bright side (yes, there is still one!) – the sun is still shining (if you're in the Southern Hemisphere!), the birds are still singing, Spring is coming to the Northern Hemisphere, there is amazing wildlife around us and don’t forget, wonderful people too.

We can’t stress enough what an important role photography plays right now – to capture the moment. There are times when we, as photographers, see something, click the shutter button and then once back at home think ‘why did I take this photo, it's boring’ so leave the photo sitting on the hard drive unseen, presuming you didn't hit the delete button first!

However, what might have seemed ‘boring’ then may become the most important source of hope, motivation, and inspiration when things get tough as they are right now.

Further to our announcement earlier this week, we want to take a moment and say how proud we are of our Excio members who are contributing to the platform by uploading more photos and collections. Today let’s celebrate the positive power of photography, the power to bring smiles, laughs and beauty into people’s lives.

At this time of self-isolation and social distancing we highly encourage you to download the free Excio app on your phone and browse through the collections of photographs generously shared by our members. The featured section on the app shows the most interesting images which you can set as your phone wallpaper with Excio or when tapped, you can read the story behind the photo and swipe left/right through other photographs.

If you want to join us and have your work published, you can sign up for free here.

The Bird's House in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina by