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Our users who enjoy seeing photographs from Excio members using our free app have already seen the recent influx of creativity. The new collections from Kapiti College will boost your creativity while encouraging you to think about the social issues such as drugs, abusive relationships and, inner demons. The lifting of lockdown restrictions and the arrival of astro season in New Zealand has also brought new amazing night sky and travel photographs with some of our favourites featured below.

So find some time to explore the Excio app and tap on the photos you see to discover the information behind the images, you will find lots of interesting facts. What do you know about the little town of Minnewaka Landing and chiseling the frozen methane gas pockets? Discover what is special about the Maraine lake. Do an ‘eye spy’ challenge and see how many fungi you can find… no, not in the forest, but on our app! With the fungi season in place they are bursting in shapes, forms, and diversity literally everywhere and you get to experience it without leaving home, or wherever you are with your phone!

We are confident you will find something that suits your tastes and interests amongst the latest featured photographs. With new photos uploaded daily by many of our members, make sure you follow their collection to be the first to see what’s new.

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Moraine Lake by Connull

Moraine lake is a stunning blue colour from the glacial rock flour suspended in the water. Moraine lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks is an iconic images that featured on the twenty dollar bill in Canada. This image was a 20 second exposure taken in the blue hour before the sun rise and before bus loads of tourists started to filter into the scene.

Milky Way Over Tasman Lake by Peter Haworth (Grolabotography)

Canon 5DMKIV Sigma Art 14mm 30 sec, f2.8, ISO 1000 Stacked.

Korimako by Vandy Pollard (Vandy)

Super exciting to photograph this male Korimako or Bellbird in a friends garden yesterday morning as they are quite rare in Wellington. It’s part of a pair which is extra special as neither are banded. Until 2001 Korimako were considered extinct locally until being reintroduced to Zealandia Ecosanctuary. 1/320 f2.8 iso 650 70-200 mm cropped.

The Long Road by Lex Rudd (Unique)

The Namib Desert in many parts is devoid of all forms of life. There is no vegetation, no fences. no power and of course no internet. The image was captured with a Nikon D7200. Settings were 1/640s, f13, 21mm and Iso400

Moeraki Boulders by Trish Brennan

With the tide being out I needed to bring the focus in to one of the more interesting boulders. ISO800, 16mm, F5.6, 1/8 sec handheld Moeraki Boulders, South Island, NZ

Reflections on Lambton Quay by Trish Anderson

After a day of heavy rain in March the drains couldn't cope but the surface flooding created great reflections on an empty Lambton Quay. F5, 1/250 ISO 1000 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Selfie at the Observatory by Tony Elkins (Tony@AEPNZ)

Back to where my Astro Journey began. This time a bit of a Milkyway Selfie... The Observatory here in Palmerston North with the beautiful Milkyway rising above Te Apiti Wind farm... Hope you enjoy! Camera Canon Canon EOS R Aperture F2.8 Focal length 20.00 mm White balance Manual ISO 2500 Exposure time 15'' s

Female Sparrow by Teresa Angell

Love capturing any bird in flight. With the garden sparrows visiting the bird feeding I get good practice working with all the different light.

Hidden Path by Sophie Pitt, Kapiti College

An image that expresses the hidden path we all walk through during our life.

Japanese garden by t h e 6 .7

Japanese garden, Hamilton gardens, Hamilton new zealand

Mount Ruapehu by Rudolpho Kotze (Red Nose)

This time driving along the Desert Road, we were lucky to see the mountain on a crisp and cold morning.

Pink Tulips by Raewyn Smith (Photoqueen)

Knowing it was to be a rainy weekend I picked up a bunch of these pretty tulips from the local dairy so I could get my photography fix!

Eastbourne bushwalk by Peti Morgan

Bright orange fungi thriving on black wood in the forest.

Cabbage tree in the pond by Peter Maiden

A cabbage looking beautiful in a pond up at the Tawatawa dog park. I love how the sky and the tree are reflected in the pond. Gave a lot of depth to the image. Two months prior the tree was standing in a bone dry hollow. Amazing how nature works.

High Summer in Otago by Peter Kurdulija

New Zealand’s region of Otago is known for its extreme temperature variations, recording some of the hottest and coldest in the land.

Moody Milford Sound Dawn by Meghan Maloney

Milford Sound on a crisp and calm winter's morning with passing mist among the mountains. 15 seconds, f/9 ISO 100 Milford Sound.

North Island Robin by Paula Vigus ( photography)

I have a real love affair with our little bush birds and am attempting to tick them off my list one by one. Having spent more time in the bush in the past few months I have often been treated to an up close and personal experience with the North Island Robin. They will accompany me for a while, posing for photos, ducking off to snatch a snack that I have disturbed and then they disappear back to their territory.

Red sunrise, Red Beach by Paul Belli (Scottish)

This was another scouted shot I'd wanted get, just needed both the tide and glorious sunrise to join forces and paint me a picture.

Enigmatic by Noelle

An ethereal ICM sunset image taken in the fabulous Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough. Exposure - 3.2secs at f/20; Focal length - 14mm; ISO - 100. Queen Charlotte Sound.

Isolde by Marina de Wit

A botanical medley of various florals and succulents. I love the colours, various textures and mostly the composition.

Lantern by Liam Sayer, Kapiti College

Passed out on the side of the road. An image shot by a student at Kapiti College.

Tangerine Dream by Kelly Pettitt

As winter arrives, bringing cooler temperatures, we can but remember the uncharacteristic warmth of this years autumn.

Boudoir by Kassandra Lynne

Boudoir photography is intimate, up close, vulnerable; yet, completely rewarding and liberating. The goal with this type of photography is to create a space in which women can love their bodies, embracing that feeling sexy shouldn't just be about pleasing somebody else — it should be about pleasing yourself, and realising your own self worth both inside and outside. It's a positively empowering experience I recommend anyone try. ISO 2500, 58 mm, f/ 5.0, 1/100 sec. Canon 5D Mark III Wanaka, NZ

Lake Pukaki by Lewis Richards

A stunning sunset overlooking Lake Pukaki during spring time.

Milk Collision by Karl Bevin

A rebounding droplet of milk colliding with a 2nd droplet. 100mm f8 iso200 1/160 1/128slave flashes.

Into the Darkness by Jack Plummer, Kapiti College

This image was inspired by David Bailey's portraits.

A silky Karapiro evening by JWPKingston Photography

A very cloudy Karapiro morning with birds appearing from the fog from every direction. I wasn't sure about the quality of photos I was going to get this morning, however, with the new 24mm lens I treated myself to, I was very impressed.

Red cabbage by Jean Fleming

I went out to pick this red cabbage for dinner and was fascinated by the colours and raindrops.

Spun Gold by Jan Abernethy

Spun Gold - this image was taken in May on a frosty morning.

Tomtit make by Jacqui Scott

Out with the camera club and our lunch stop a lot of Tittits hanging around lovely to see so many.

Shapes by Ivan D

I did a small experiment with water, colours and drops.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse by Isaac Khasawneh

Beautiful sunrise last weekend in the Taranaki region. Cape Egmont lighthouse appears to be tall as Mt Taranaki.

Seal soaking up the sunshine by Emma M Hissey

A seal on the Wainuiomata Coast soaks up the sun - just loved his content expression!

Cabbage Tree Sunset by Peter Haworth (Grolabotography)

Canon 5DMKIV, Canon 24-105 F4L IS II USM @43mm, 1/800, f18, ISO 640.

Tui "Koko" by Glassography

A long awaited capture of a Tui "Koko" we dont get these beautiful birds in Mid Canterbury so yo photograph one at Orokunui bird Sanctuary was amazing.

Day Twenty Eight: Inner bubble headloss by Damon Marshall

Losing your head inside your bubble?? Hang in there we're almost FREE!!!

Fungi Family by Anita Ruggle

It's fungi season again here in New Zealand, our native bush has the perfect environment for diverse fungi. I am always on the look out you never know what you will find. Canon 80D, 1000iso, f5.6, 1/8th sec.

Inner Demons: Encircle by Charlie Sefo, Kapiti College

This set of photos was taken for a series which brings attention to those who can't speak up and feel trapped and alone in their own mind. Stuck and unspoken for in their relationship.

Reflections from the dam by Ann Kilpatrick

Reflections in the dam at Zealandia. A windless day in Wellington, blissful.

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