In the Spotlight: Creativity Feast

Our users who enjoy seeing photographs from Excio members using our free app have already seen the recent influx of creativity. The new collections from Kapiti College will boost your creativity while encouraging you to think about the social issues such as drugs, abusive relationships and, inner demons. The lifting of lockdown restrictions and the arrival of astro season in New Zealand has also brought new amazing night sky and travel photographs with some of our favourites featured below.

So find some time to explore the Excio app and tap on the photos you see to discover the information behind the images, you will find lots of interesting facts. What do you know about the little town of Minnewaka Landing and chiseling the frozen methane gas pockets? Discover what is special about the Maraine lake. Do an ‘eye spy’ challenge and see how many fungi you can find… no, not in the forest, but on our app! With the fungi season in place they are bursting in shapes, forms, and diversity literally everywhere and you get to experience it without leaving home, or wherever you are with your phone!

We are confident you will find something that suits your tastes and interests amongst the latest featured photographs. With new photos uploaded daily by many of our members, make sure you follow their collection to be the first to see what’s new.

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