In the Spotlight: Beyond the Lockdown

If you look through the latest uploaded photos on Excio, you can see a clear message - lockdown gives us all the opportunity to pause and think... It helps us appreciate the small things, allows us to start seeing things differently, to change our focus and start living for today.... It allows us to finally withdraw from the rat race that we had become so accustomed to. No doubt the world will never be the same after the lockdown restrictions are lifted, but it is too early to know or even be able to predict what the global changes will look like.

So for now, dive into the never ending inspiration from our members - head to the Excio app on your phone (or if you don't have it yet - install for free) and view some of the recently featured photos below. You will find lots of ideas to try with your own camera that challenge your creativity and imagination.

We have tried to share with you a mix of photos taken by our members pre-Covid-19 and during the Covid-19 lockdown so that you can see the evidence of all for yourself - that what is happening right now is not the end of the world, that life goes on, even without us humans. It has always been like that. Seasons change, nature thrives, birds sing their songs, and yes, things will go back to normal again even if it's a slightly new normal.

We invite you to take your own photos and share with us how you are spending your time at home. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up for free here. Take care, and stay safe. Kia Kaha.

Budding flowers by Roy Cernohorsky

"Two young budding flowers taken at Auckland Botanical Gardens."

Dahlia Macro by M & A Whyte Photography & Glassography

"A pop of colour in a dark world. Taken at Ashburton Domain."

Yellow-crowned Kakariki by Christine Jacobson

"Yellow-crowned Kakariki feasting on toitoi seeds. The toitoi head had bowed down amongst taupata branches. 300mm, ISO640, 1/500 @ f4.0"

Woody Cat by Cooper_madsen

"Multiple exposure. I really enjoy the challenges and abstract results from multiple exposure. Xpro1 35mm f2 1/60 f13 ISO 200 At Home."

Day Eleven: ...a hug in a cup by Damon John Marshall

"What's your brew to get you through the COVID-19 lockdown 2020??"

White Hibiscus by Photoqueen

"In times like we are currently enduring it is nice to look out in our garden and see that there is still beauty to lift our spirits."

Water droplet by Lisa Yates Photography

"Filling in the day working out how on earth photographers get those great shots of water droplets. Finally realising I needed more artificial light vs high iso I managed to get this shot. The one blessing of this horrible lock down is I get more time to practice with my camera."

Vivid by Angie Ormsby

"This was a flower found in the garden where I was staying in Gisborne, unsure as to what flower it is, but found mesmerising."

The Venus fly trap by Lee Waddell

"Stuck at home during the lockdown and finding interesting subjects around the home to photograph. This is my sons Venus fly trap. I positioned it next to the window and using only natural light came out with this macro shot."

Day Four: She was doing this alone by Damon John Marshall

"I knew several people that were isolating alone during the COVID-19 2020 lockdown. As most of them were female I thought about how they brave were and what they might do to pass the time. Dance like no one is watching... because nobody is watching!"

Shades of green by Marina de Wit

"A simple image of some trees and a fence, the challenge to myself to find the amazing in the ordinary."

Sunrise behind the fog by Isaac Khasawneh

"On foggy morning the sun light breaks through and this photo dedicated to all front line workers."

Toadstool by Angie Ormsby

"Thought I would try using the Lensball, and there were so many Toadstools around near where I live so decided to see what I could capture."

"Si vis pacem, para bellum" by Karen McLeod Photography Ltd

"Si vis pacem, para bellum - If you want peace, prepare for war."

Sitting Proud by Linda Cutche

"May my heart always be open to little birds who are the secrets of living. E E Cummings."

Day Nine: A month of Sundays by Damon John Marshall

"Step outside. If she's awake feel her warmth on your face. Today is Sunday. Yesterday was Sunday. Tomorrow is Sunday too..."

Remnants by Vicki Finlay

"Autumn is here and pickings are slim in the garden in self isolation. Taking time to enjoy the small things in life and appreciate beauty in all things."

Raindrops by Dionne Solly

"Raindrops on a really unusual gerbera. The petals reminded me of the tentacles on an octopus."

Party's over by Lorri Adams

"Lightbending fun. Discovered this quite by accident, and once I had my new CPL in my hands, there was no end to the fun I had. And, despite advice to the contrary, I discovered that yes, my LCD TV screen works perfectly well for this technique. Who would have thought cheap plastic ware could look so pretty. F/4, ISO 200, exp 1/13, exp bias +1.3 step. Bay of Plenty, New Zealand."

Day One: Bernie knows self-isolation by Damon John Marshall

"Coincidentally Bernie came into our lives a few days before the COVID-19 2020 lockdown commencement. I figured that he and his friend would know a thing or two about self-isolation!"

Precious Memories by Anita Ruggle

"This is my Mothers old cook book ,it has been well used and shows lots of wear and tear. Mum was and still is always on the hunt for four -leaf clovers. When ever she found a four leaf clover she placed it in her book to press it. Canon 80d, 1600iso, f4, 1/250 sec."

Nosy Jersey Girl by M & A Whyte Photography & Glassography

"What are you looking at??? A very nosy Jersey cow got very close to my lense it wasn't until I looked up out of the camera I noticed she was right there! A lovely surprise."

Day Ten: Audience interpretation by Damon John Marshall

"Please interpret at your will. Would love to hear your thoughts!!"

Macro Butterfly by Ivan D

"Netherlands butterflies are magical. I've captured this at their botanic garden."

Lock Down by Pamela Johnstone

"This is the sun setting from the Estuary in South New Brighton Christchurch New Zealand. Today all around the world many things and life as we know it is changing rapidly from COVID-19. From 11.59pm the 25/03/2020 New Zealand will be on a level four lock down which is why I felt it important to go and photograph tonight's sunset as a sunset in history. There will be many more sunsets to come but for now I wish everybody peace health and love as we all around the globe get through this together. Kia Kaha. Stay Strong."

Living for Today by Peter Kurdulija

"Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. Noam Chomsky."

In the hedge row by Sarah Strong

"Whilst out walking the dog it is always wonderful what you may find, and even when you are not thinking too! F8 1/125 sec ISO 200 exp -7 step Focal length 120mm. Tersefanou, Cyprus."

Love is Sad by Sophie Pitt, Kapiti College

"Love takes many forms. Sometimes it turns us upside down and inside out, and sometimes it makes us cry, but love is love. An image taken by a student at Kapiti College."

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