In the Spotlight: Beyond the Lockdown

If you look through the latest uploaded photos on Excio, you can see a clear message - lockdown gives us all the opportunity to pause and think... It helps us appreciate the small things, allows us to start seeing things differently, to change our focus and start living for today.... It allows us to finally withdraw from the rat race that we had become so accustomed to. No doubt the world will never be the same after the lockdown restrictions are lifted, but it is too early to know or even be able to predict what the global changes will look like.

So for now, dive into the never ending inspiration from our members - head to the Excio app on your phone (or if you don't have it yet - install for free) and view some of the recently featured photos below. You will find lots of ideas to try with your own camera that challenge your creativity and imagination.

We have tried to share with you a mix of photos taken by our members pre-Covid-19 and during the Covid-19 lockdown so that you can see the evidence of all for yourself - that what is happening right now is not the end of the world, that life goes on, even without us humans. It has always been like that. Seasons change, nature thrives, birds sing their songs, and yes, things will go back to normal again even if it's a slightly new normal.

We invite you to take your own photos and share with us how you are spending your time at home. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up for free here. Take care, and stay safe. Kia Kaha.

Budding flowers by Roy Cernohorsky

"Two young budding flowers taken at Auckland Botanical Gardens."

Dahlia Macro by M & A Whyte Photography & Glassography