In The Spotlight: Best Excio Photos from November

What do the following 3 places have in common - an antique shop in Las Vegas, Istiklal Avenue in Turkey and the catholic church in Samoa? Passion for photography of course! Our members capture and then share our world from hundreds of different places and angles every day making for an incredibly hard task when it comes to selecting the best photos published on Excio each month because they all deserve a special mention.

In New Zealand, we're getting closer to the summer holidays and can't seem to stop thinking about where to go next whilst also reminiscing on past travels. This obviously influenced a high number of images this month - See the collections of Maria Ligaya who was interviewed in the latest issue of NZPhotographer magazine. Maria shares not only beautiful photographs of places she visits but also very inspirational stories, so make sure you make yourself a cuppa before you start exploring her work, you won't be able to stop later!

Featured: Maria Ligaya Photography, Serendipity, Margaret Jeune, Ken Jochmann, Oliver Perialis, Lis Neves

Ann Kilpatrick takes us on her journey to Samoa - if it's been on your bucket list, make sure to check Samoa's architectural gems when you get there. Double-tap on Ann's photo called"Church art" in the Excio app to see all the details of the beautiful wooden ceiling and paintings. If you look close enough you will see there is a painting of the Virgin Mary dressed in Samoan traditional dress with the Apostles beside her also in traditional island-style garb.

Collections of New Zealand's beautiful landscapes bring us back home - from McKenzie Country to Muriwai beach, from nightscapes and astro shots to waterfalls and lakes - you will want to grab your camera and start exploring the tracks and places this summer. For inspiration and guidance open the Excio app and follow some new collections/members, then it will update photos on your wallpaper or widget automatically so you can survive off of wanderlust for the next three weeks until the holidays actually start!

Featured: Peter Maiden, Anita Ruggle, Simplykiwiphotography, Linda Cutche, Knightfire, Lighthouse, ESB Photography, Peter Kurdulija, Occassionalclimber, Lisa Maxwell, Craig Meechin, Kizmet Winter, Alibeare, Tony@AEPNZ, SarahKSmith, SiWills

Nature photography highlights this month include beautiful flowers, birds and even bees! Check out ChrisBeeLady's special collection to learn more about the life of bees as she publishes new photos. If you plan to dedicate some time to flower photography over the coming weeks, read all about the places our members find most inspirational when you flick through their photos. Make sure you check Linda Cutche's collections of flowers out to read beautiful quotes reminding us of the beauty that often remains unseen in daily life.

Featured: Linda Cutche, Bernadette Fastnedge, Heather Maree Owens, SandyM, Photoqueen, ChrisBeeLady, Anita Ruggle, Capture+

"Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." Hans Christian Andersen.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to our members showcasing their amazing photographs of birds and wildlife - zoom in on their photos to see the tiny details that will take your breath away.

Featured: Vandy Pollard, Thrumylennz, Leanne Silver, Judi Lapsley Miller, Kelly, Toya Heatley, Janice McKenna, Tanya Rowe

It's also been great to see more of our members experimenting with creative photography and intentional camera movements - you can see the results for yourself.

Featured: Tania Mackie, Peter Scanlan, Heather Maree Owens, Vandy Pollard

Thanks to our photographers who are creating # PhotographyForGood we are once again reminded how important it is to capture genuine emotions when we photograph people.

Featured: Parmeet Sahni, Karen McLeod Photography, Maria Ligaya photography, Lynda Gordon, Serendipity, NB Portraits, Monica Ferguson, Wanderlust

So, what was your favourite shot uploaded this last month? Head to the app now and explore all the latest photos and stories brought to you by our wonderful community and be sure to update who you follow for more inspiration than ever before.