Impact Not Forgotten: Photo Exhibition Showing the Aftermath of Kaikoura Earthquake

You may be familiar with Ann Kilpatrick's collections on Excio that show her beautifully captured landscapes, nature, and urban photography. Now, in her first photo exhibition, she draws our attention to the impact of the Kaikoura earthquake. Entitled "Wellington Impact" the exhibition is taking place at Photospace Gallery until 19th October 2019.

Ann Kilpatrick, "Wellington Impact" exhibition at Photospace Gallery

Many Wellingtonians remember the 14th November 2016 when what seemed to be a quiet spring night, quickly turned into a nightmare for many - houses were shaking, things were falling from the shelves and there was chaos on the roads as people fled from their homes to avoid any risk of a tsunami, only to realise next morning that the city of Wellington was "closed" due to many buildings in the CBD being badly damaged and in need of assessment by engineers.

Though the major impact and damage happened in Kaikoura, Wellington is still recovering to this day with many car parks and high rise buildings being demolished and rebuilt.

"Wellington Impact" exhibition, Photospace Gallery

"There were buildings wrapped up for refurbishment, new builds in progress and a number of buildings cordoned off due to actual or potential earthquake damage. The nine-storey building at 61 Molesworth Street suffered significant damage and was in the process of demolition. Across the road, our building was closed due to the proximity of the demolition of 61 Molesworth Street." says Ann.

"Wellington Impact" exhibition, Photospace Gallery

"It became apparent that the Kaikoura earthquake impacted many sites near Thorndon; some harbour front buildings, NZDF Headquarters, the BNZ building, Statistics House and Revera House. More recently, Wellington people were advised that St Paul’s Church is damaged and the City Library is now closed due to potential failure in an Earthquake. [...] I began to photograph them, and the people working on the demolitions, as I traveled to and from work."

"Wellington Impact" exhibition, Photospace Gallery

As well as her earthquake aftermath images, Ann is exhibiting her series of "Hi Viz" people. "Hi Viz people are everywhere across New Zealand, on our state highways, country roads and in suburban streets." says Ann, "What do we know about these people who tell us when we must slow, stop and go? Men, women, different ethnicities, engineers, labourers, young and old. Some smile and wave as travelers go by, despite the heat, dust, rain or cold. I wonder what their stories are?"

"Hi Viz" people, Photospace Gallery

Ann is exhibiting alongside Gil Eva Craig. Gil's work is presented in her Hotel series - photographs and stories of hotels that she stayed in on her tour across the US and her Waitangi series - urban wetlands that she photographed over the last year.

From Waitangi series, by Gil Eva Craig, exhibition at Photospace Gallery

Gil Eva Craig at the exhibition, Photospace Gallery

The works are on sale and the exhibition is only on for a limited time so make sure to add this to your calendar and visit before it closes on 19 October 2019.

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