How To: Creating a Colourful "Bubbles Photo"

By Kelly Vivian

Lockdown brought out the documentarian in me and had me wanting to go out, restrictions providing, to document the empty streets and highways in a usually bustling city. But as time went on, and staying at home was the thing to do, my creative side began to show. Abstract photography has always held an appeal to me, and I decided to try out some ideas I had pondered, that's how my “Colourful Bubbles” image came to life, this shot also being the most fun to create.

"Colourful Bubbles" by Kelly Vivian

I took a packet of M&M’s and lay them out side by side on a black cloth on my coffee table until I had enough to fill the frame of my camera. I took a few shots of the chocolates to test exposure then I took four books and placed two of them on either side of the chocolates and placed the glass from an empty picture frame (that I'd cleaned) on top of the books so that it was above the chocolates. Then, using dish soap, I mixed up some bubbles and spread them onto the glass above the M&M’s ensuring the frame in my camera was covered. It was a really simple set up, but it made for a really effective shot!

Placing the glass from an empty picture frame on top of the books. By Kelly Vivian

Using dish soap mixing up some bubbles and spreading them onto the glass. By Kelly Vivian

Ensuring the bubbles covered the frame of the camera. By Kelly Vivian

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