"How I Use Excio to Spark Conversations"

By Claire Callaghan

Claire Callaghan

Claire, tell us about you and how you discovered Excio...

In my day job providing digital workplace services, I look after tech and the relationships which are essential to ‘good tech’.

Good tech has two meanings for me:

1. Where the tech is good for the community or world - It has purpose and adds value to people’s lives (and doesn’t have to be free), e.g. apps like Excio, VeriSafe, Te Reo Māori.

2. Where the tech might be more functional (or even seen as a little mundane) but has the customer at the centre of its design. This is what I do at work – making sure that when I design new tech services, for the staff in my company, that their needs are at the heart of the decision making process.

To create good tech solutions I have to value and cultivate relationships with all my stakeholders. No hiding away in a wee black-box and then jumping out and yelling ‘ta-da, look what we’ve created, aren’t we marvelous!’ This, in recent years, has led me to my real passion – connecting and supporting women in tech.

I seem to remember that I tagged Excio in a LinkedIn post about clever Mahuki tech initiatives. The founder, Ana, reached out to me and we decided to ‘grab a coffee’ (a favourite Wellington pastime). I leapt at the chance to hear more about the work Excio was doing both with photographers and with groups like Wellington City Archives and Te Papa.