#GoodChallenge: Photos You Can Smell

We’ve observed how, in photography, different colours and patterns are able to provoke emotions in the viewer, and how, sometimes, our reaction to a photo can be such that it involves the functioning of one or more senses other than just sight, as we’ve seen in the #GoodChallenge: Can You Hear a Photo?.

This week, we’ll try a different approach to photography, trying to immerse the viewer even further, to the point that it’s possible to imagine a smell by looking at a picture.

"Indian Spice" by Susan Blick

According to new research in the field of sensory marketing [Source], with a picture and the right suggestions it is possible, at least in our minds, to smell what we see. Prof. Aradhan Krishna shows how “smellizing” — a new term for prompting consumers to imagine the smell of a product — could lead toward more effective ads with important implications for the multi-billion dollar food advertising industry.

"Corona Bread" by Ann Wheatley

But how can you represent smell through a picture? By association. The ocean, freshly cut grass, flowers, cookies coming out of the oven, and a pine tree are all subjects that bring to mind a certain scent. Smell can also be represented in a photograph by people’s reaction: if there are people in the picture, their facial expressions are a great way to give the impression of a smell, whether pleasant or not.

"Afternoon Vino" by Mike Bouchier

There are no limits to the creative techniques you can use to render a smell through your photographs so give it a go - coffee, food, flowers, Christmas, candles and the list goes on. Share your images in the Community Chat this week and have us drooling over your images!

"A Sea of Purple" by DionneS

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