#GoodChallenge: Curves

“In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves” Edward Bulwer-Lytton

In photography, there’s no right or wrong way to compose a shot. However, there’s just something naturally satisfying when curves are present in a picture. Like we’ve seen in the #GoodChallenge: Looking for Circles, some shapes and lines have a strong effect on the viewer; in both paintings and photographs, our eyes tend to follow lines and other edges in the frame. Because of their shape, curves are a visual tool that can gently take the viewer around a scene, passing all the elements along the way.

"She Moves In Her Own Way" Dwindle River Photography

This week we’re looking for your compositions that are able to take the viewer on a visual journey, adding a layer that will immerse them even further in your photograph.

Curves and S-curves are very common in nature, in landscape photography an S-curve can help capture and attract the eye and naturally make it wander around the composition. This can be done with a meandering stream or patterns on a sandy beach, or they can be curved trampled paths on a field or a winding road through the hills, you might also get curves via a long exposure photo of receding waves.

"Following the dog" by Kelvin Wright

This week, look for inspiring curves in your photography. By composing your shot to include curves, you can make more a dynamic subject, that would otherwise be static, have movement and perspective.

Share in the Community Chat the pictures that, with the flow of their curves create an even more compelling composition, and get inspired by how other Excio members include curves and S-curves in their work!

"Bridge Curves" by Diane Beguely

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