#GoodChallenge: Can You Hear a Photo?

No, you didn't misread the title! This week we are taking a quite unusual and creative approach in order to take our photographs to the next level. We know that photographs are more often noticeable and memorable when they evoke emotions and in our recent challenges we've learned how different aspects of a photograph like colours, textures, and shapes evoke emotions in the viewers. But what about our other senses? What else can we do to immerse our viewer into a photograph since we know the best experiences happen when we can imagine ourselves in a photograph. So how easy or hard is it to represent sound through a picture? Most of the time photographs are a feast for the eyes, but sometimes we can clearly imagine the sound too whether we're looking at an image of a busy crossroad, a singing bird, a landscape, a train etc.

"Wide Open" by SawImages

Click here to listen to the calls of the white-fronted tern.

What would it be like to stand at the site where the photo was taken? What would the scene sound like? We want to actually enable our viewers to hear the sounds. Did you know that on Excio you can upload a sound file to go with your image? You can record it yourself or find one online under a creative commons license to use. Excio member “Journey by Story" (JXS) uses sound so take a look at their account to see how it works – You'll see that the photos in JxS collections have an audio icon when you view them on the app.

"Lunchtime for Tiger" by Karl Bevin

Can you hear the roar?

If you're worrying that you won't have time to search for the 'perfect' song or don't quite know how to record your own audio files (there are plenty of apps free to use!), don't panic - We will help you out by adding a short 15 second soundbite to your images when we upload them to Excio so the viewer can ‘listen’ to your photos and get a very special experience.

"Firth of Thames" by Simplykiwiphotography

When was the last time you went to your rocky shore?

You are welcome to upload photos of any genre and style to Community Chat -> current theme and let your imagination and creativity run free! Share with us your photos where you can hear their sounds!

"Seal soaking up the sunshine" by Emma Hissey

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