#Good Challenge: Viewpoint

How can we place the viewer within our image? This is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges a photographer faces - how to take a photo so that viewers can imagine themselves at the scene. It can be achieved with what we call a ‘perspective’ or more technically, how visual elements are arranged to create a sense of depth and distance.

"Wall-E - Safari" by Richard Brooker (The Untrained Eye)

Most of the time when we take photographs we take them standing which means from an average adult height. But what about other views? What if you lie down and take a photo from an insect's perspective or from a child’s viewpoint? How would this scene look to a dog or a bird (not necessarily limited to drone photos)? How would the scene look through the eyes (lens) of a person who is happy, tired, sick, sad? Interesting photos are often those that place the viewer into an unusual viewpoint that encourages them to see, in a new way, even a familiar person or everyday scene.

"An Aerial Abstract view of Southern Alps" by Lex Rudd

"A bug's life" by Corina Belliss

You can experiment with viewpoint by trying to take photos from above, below, in between two objects, through something, under, over, next to another object, inside, outside, from another side, and so on.

"View Upwards" by Anthony Delanoix

Taking a photo from an interesting perspective means establishing a connection with the viewer by empathising with people, animals, and even objects. For example, if you're laying down in the grass taking a photo from an ant's perspective you'll suddenly realise how tall that blade of grass must seem as it towers above them, and how immense that climb up 1 step must feel when they're carrying a dead bug between them. Another example is that if you're taking a photo from a dog's perspective, as well as getting down on their level you might experiment with grayscale images since dogs only see in black and white. Elements such as texture, colour, depth of field, and so on all affect the psychological aspect.

"Chaffers Dock" by Ann Kilpatrick

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