#Good Challenge: Shades of Grey

Grey is often associated with depressing or ‘moody’ images – lack of colour, associations with historical black and white images and old times, mysterious fog and autumn ‘grey’ weather may all cause these feelings. There is often a classic, nostalgic, and dynamic feeling with grey or black and white photography but luckily, our photographs don’t need to convey the same story.

"Cygnet" by Paul Kettel

This week we will be focusing on capturing (or sharing if you have photos ready) shades of grey. Having nothing to do with the popular TV series, we are looking at how we can display gradient, convert colour photos in to B&W, experiment with creative filters and so on.

Colour of course plays an important role, but it doesn’t need to dominate the impression your viewers get from the photo especially if the subject of the photo only creates positive emotions.

"Imagination" by Brad Crocker

To help you with this challenge we suggest you play more to the light and shadows as it may create a nice gradient. Genres are not limited, from wildlife to people, to macro, see what you come up with. If you're new to post-processing and are unsure how to create shades of grey we welcome colour photos that have a grey element.

"Snowy field" by Lorri Adams

Our #Good Challenges are a great way to showcase the work that you might have created in addition to your main portfolio or just for fun. Challenge images are featured on all Excio channels and credited to you but don't count towards your photo display capacity on Excio. Taking into account there is no deadline or limit for submitting challenges (you could even submit a whole photo story!), it is a great way to continue bringing attention to your photography.

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