#Good Challenge: Patterns

Continuing our #Good Challenges, we selected ‘Patterns’ to be the topic for this week. In fact the human eye is calibrated to seek out patterns [source]. Seeing patterns can evoke surprising emotions. Our brains form images based on pattern recognition, but not just any image. Pattern is simply a repetition of some kind. When you repeat a certain shape, colour or object you add strength to an overall image. Patterns give us order in an otherwise chaotic world. There’s something fundamentally pleasing about seeing order in such a way that we know what to expect. In most cases, repetition is a tool used to calm the viewer, making them feel comfortable and at peace while enjoying the view.

"Spiralled cactus" by Carlotta Barker

Without the limitation of just a single point of interest, repetition helps your eye dance from point to point with pure delight. You are not asked to make a judgment of the subject, simply to explore it. The goal here is not to just witness a good photograph but to experience it. Thus, when repetition is used correctly, it can greatly increase the emotional impact of your images.

"Beat the Blues" by Emily Goodwin

So why not help the viewers of our photographs and find some patterns around?

Where to find patterns? Look more closely around you! From balconies to the macro world and even textures – a row of trees, seeds of sunflowers, succulents, pedestrian crossing. If you get bored try break the pattern and challenge the otherwise ‘orderly’ impact of your photographs. You can use colours to help as well, e.g. a red apple in a row with green apples. As a member, post your images in Community Chat -> Patterns Category, check out the photos from other membes on the Excio app and start shooting!

"Hawa Mahal Palace, Jaipur" by Roy Cernohorsky