#Good Challenge: Looking for Circles

When we last talked about photographing patterns we noted that 2D shapes don’t appear to have any depth when photographed but that when the object appeared to have depth either through light or perspective giving it a 3D shape, it had a strong effect that could convey a lot of information to the viewer.

"Emerald planet" by Karl Bevin

There are many different shapes and patterns you can find around you: geometric shapes have straight defined edges and are usually man-made. Organic shapes are full of curves and may not be geometrically perfect and are found in nature (hence the name!). Positive space is the shape made by an object and negative space is the shape leftover, then there’s the shape created from the outline of two positive spaces (e.g. the heart shape made when two birds face one another).

Just like a certain colour can spark different feelings, shapes, forms, and lines can all contribute to the photograph’s overall feel too. Rounded shapes, like circles and ovals, create a sense of movement because of the lack of corners and edges.

"Super Tree Grove - Birds Eye View" by Jamie Richards

To avoid overwhelming your viewer in this challenge, try to find collections of objects that have a similar shape as adding multiple shapes such as a combination of circles, triangles, and squares can be confusing and create chaos. That’s why this week we will start with the circle-type shapes.

"Water colours" by Lisa Yates

You are most welcome to go through your archives of photographs and look for the circles or simply go outside (or remain inside!) and carefully examine your surroundings for circles. If you can't find any, try a different perspective or angle as viewed from different angles, 3D forms will appear to take on different shapes. A coffee mug, when viewed from the side, is a cylinder, probably with a curved line as a handle. That same cup, from the top down, is a perfect circle.

"White Flower Macro" by Bernadette Fastnedge

Forcing yourself to notice the shapes will eventually help you develop a natural eye for it.

Upload what you find this week to our Community Chat “Looking for Circles” discussion.

The submitted photographs will appear on the Excio app in the Members -> “Top members” list under “Challenges” collections.

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