#Good Challenge: Let’s Take a Reflective Look at Things

Photographs are mirrors which we project upon and which have reflected back to us various aspects of our awareness.” Krauss, 1983

We read photographs as we read the world around us, a world that is full of uses, values, and meanings.

"Upside Down Mountains" by Gapt.it Photography

Photographs enhance our awareness of both thoughts and emotions - We draw upon our own knowledge and experience to create meaning from the photographs we see and are challenged to analyse and question our own reality from them. Although photographs involve a reduction in proportion, perspective, and colour, we still understand that photographs are a representation of the world we live in.

Certain photographs can invite the viewer to look at the world from a new viewpoint which is our challenge for this week as we invite you to take and share your reflection photographs.

"Reflection" by Ivan D

Reflections can be hard to capture because they involve you looking with a different perspective, or in a less traditional sense than you normally would. Reflections are everywhere, but we don’t always notice them – from lakes to buildings, water drops, and reflective surfaces. If you take a photo of a symmetrical reflection e.g. mountains reflected in a lake, those images make the viewer feel balance and harmony with balance meaning order, safety, and security. Asymmetrical, creative reflections instead challenge the viewer’s perception of the world. Reflections can puzzle the viewer’s eye and entice them to look longer to solve the visual mystery or at least come to a comfortable understanding of what they see.

For more information and to submit your photos head to the My Excio area on Exciohub.

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