#Good Challenge: Invisible

“Photographs may be described as windows looking out into the world or mirrors reflecting the artist behind the camera.” John Szarkowski

As photographers, we all know too well that photography plays an important part in mental health. So this week, to acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Week, we challenge you to try and capture the invisible.

As vague as it sounds the challenge is actually not that hard and it doesn’t necessarily need to be about yourself or be associated with mental health or wellbeing. It can be about photographing what we feel (not visible to others), our dreams, or something we, oftentimes, either do not see or do not realise ie raising awareness about a cause. Think of any genre – from portraits to still life, some ideas for you to explore could be the idea of disappearance, degradation, hidden forces, mood, atmosphere.

In our challenges, we explore how different aspects of photography affect the viewer and this week's challenge is probably the most powerful one yet as you are not influencing one part of the human brain e.g. with a specific colour but determining whether the viewer can relate to your photo. You're seeking to capture something that will catch them by surprise (I never noticed this/I never thought about that!) or that they find touches their inner world and that is close to their heart. Remember, as much as the photograph is important in the photography challenge, it is as equally important to consider the title of the image too as this can evoke certain emotions in the viewer as well.

Submit your photos in the Community Chat section using the current week’s topic. In addition to being displayed on our Excio app, every week our editorial team select the most interesting submission (whether it is a series or one photo) and feature it through our social media channels and weekly newsletter. Don’t forget you can continue to add photographs to the previous challenges too, there is no time limit!

Invisible nature?

"Frozen" by Peter Laurenson (Occasionalclimber)

"A section of the frozen surface of a lake on the western side of Renjo La, Khumbu, Nepal / Nikon D750, F11, 1/125, ISO 100, 24mm."

Invisible feelings?

All Alone by Noelle Bennett

"A tiny red fungus, possibly a mycena species, standing in splendid isolation as the end of the day approaches."

Invisible world?

"Spicy Golf" by Karl Bevin

"Fun idea. Go to the model shop and grab a pack of miniature HO scale figurines. Go wild!"

Invisible fight?

"Parkies Pills" by Damon Marshall (DaMoJo)

"I've been living with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease for eight years. Every three hours I have to take pills to keep me sane and mobile, which totals 21 per day. I am so grateful for them but sometimes it feels like they're all I'm eating!"

Invisible pain?

"Hidden Bruises" by Charlie Sefo, Kapiti College

"An image taken for a series that brings attention to people who are stuck in domestic and abusive relationships."

Invisible dog?

"Disappearing Doggo" by Michellle Vollmaere (MiVo)

"I can NEVER get a decent photo of my dog, Ruby. This one is amusing, at least."

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