#Good Challenge: Contrast

Over the last few months, we have explored how different aspect of photography affect the viewer including shape, colour, and form. However, the ‘wow’ effect that draws attention to your work is the skillful application and use of contrast. While you can observe the whole image in a millisecond, how your mind perceives the image is a subconscious process.

"I see you!" by Deb Ford

If the image has a strong element drawing attention or a particular ‘path’ your eyes follow, it just makes much more sense for your brain so even within milliseconds, a photo can become memorable for years. If there is no clear focus point and the image is overloaded with multiple objects your mind will ‘get lost’ and the photo will not linger long in your memory. That’s why it is very important to be able to find contrasting colours, objects, textures or to make them in post processing (e.g. black and white contrast) .