#Good Challenge: Colour White

“We shall set down White for the representative of light, without which no colour can be seen.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

Ghostly White Rose by Bernadette Fastnedge

Colour associations are definitely not universal, and this is obvious when it comes to white: for many it’s clean, safe, pure, innocent, and serene whilst for others it can represent emptiness and feelings of cold and loneliness. In Western culture it’s associated with angels, doctors and weddings, but in many Eastern cultures white it’s often present at funerals and is therefore associated with death and sadness.

It’s interesting to observe how in a study on adults’ colour preferences, out of 18 colours, white ranked 15th as the overall favourite colour. But when asked to choose their favourite colours in a physical environment, white was overwhelmingly the number one favourite for both rooms at home and in the work environment. [source]

Red and White by Charlotte E Johnson

In photography, white can be the most important colour, as it’s integral to expressing light. Therefore it’s important to know how the set the White Balance of your camera in order to represent the true colours you’re seeing. The strong contrast that white can create in the composition can be used to highlight patterns, shapes and lines. This week, when out shooting try to use the pureness of white to enhance your pictures, to do so you might want to try black and white composition to create interesting pictures from the contrast between light and shadow.

White Heron by Kim Free

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