#Good Challenge: Colour Pink

Coming back to colours, this week we are focusing on capturing photographs that feature something pink. Associated with the smell of roses and the softness of flower petals, pink conjures ideas of tenderness and sensitivity. Evoking images of cherry blossoms, pink evokes impressions of spring, renewal, and life. With spring in full force in New Zealand pink is now abundant but for our global communities there are still plenty of opportunities – think birds, jewelry, clothing, colouring pencils, toys, cosmetics, ice lollies and so much more.

"Pink Flamingo" by Bernadette Fastnedge

You might even get really creative and try your hand at infrared series – read the article here written by our member Emanuel Maisel about infrared photography.

"Wellington Botanic Garden" by Emre Simtay

So, how does pink make us feel? Light pinks describes playfulness, youth, kindness, and affection. Darker shades of pink denote passion, love, energy, eroticism, and confidence. However, interestingly enough, too much pink can be a bad thing, influencing anxiety.

Pink often does a better job either driving or accenting an image without completely overpowering it, compared to red so feel free to experiment and show us your shots in the Community Chat -> "#Good Challenge: Colour Pink" topic.

"Gerbera Daisy" by Dionne Solly

You can also see what others came up with (or get inspired) by enjoying all the #Good photographs we have shared on our free app.

"Magnolia flowers" by Tanya Rowe

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