#Good Challenge: Colour Orange

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow” - Wassily Kandin

From mysterious purple to deep blue and natural green, each colour we’ve featured in our challenges so far has evoked different feelings in the viewer. This week we’ll study the effects of one of the most exciting colours, orange, looking at how this energetic and creative colour influence your photography?

"Orange Dahlia" by Miriam Hancock

Between yellow and red, orange is the only colour on the spectrum to be named after a fruit. Previously called yellow-red or saffron, it didn't have a name in Europe until the 16th century when Portuguese merchants started to import oranges from Asia. The symbolism of this colour is extremely important across Asia, with many monks and holy men of Eastern religions wearing orange robes. In Hinduism, purity is identified with the colour orange while in Buddhism it’s associated with peace and illumination. [Source]

"Shades of Orange" by Christine Jacobson

Orange is vibrant and warm, it immediately calls to mind images of both autumn leaves and summer days. In nature, it’s the colour of fire, of flowers, and of tasty healthy citrus fruits bursting with juice. Like yellow and red it grabs our attention which is why it’s frequently used in advertising and road signs. We have an immediate reaction to it and it’s often described as happy, bright and positive.

"Karekare Beams" by Paul Kettel

This week, look for orange features in nature, shoot vivid sunsets and golden hour scenes to capture all the power of this colour, or search around your home then share your compositions on the Challenge Submissions page!

You can see our previous challenges by clicking here albums.excio.io/profile/challenges or through the app (Members -> Top Members -> Challenges). When you’re looking at the different albums, consider what emotions the different colours evoke in you, what it feels like when you see a photograph that is predominantly orange or blue, for example.

"Wave on wave" by Noelle Bennett

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