#Good Challenge: Colour Green

“Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.” Pedro Calderón de la Barca

With the majority of us living the urban life, surrounded by buildings, walls, and day-to-day chaos, and having spent (or still spending) time in self-isolation, being exposed to the colour green, which is associated with calmness and renewal, is so important, now more than ever.

"Earth Mother" by Peter Laurenson (Occasionaclimber)

Luckily, we can find something green on our doorstep even during the winter - our visual systems recognising more shades of green than any other colour. Green is a familiar and soothing colour for us, it represents life, nature, and takes care of your wellbeing and mental health – the more ‘green’ you have around you the better. According to a recent study, exposure to the colour green when you are a child can provide a significant mental health boost when growing up. [Source].

So let’s spend this week looking for and capturing something green – from the vast variety of green plants in our backyard to auroras, insects, birds and other wildlife, to kiwi fruits and lollies. Show us what you’ve got by sharing your photos in our Community Chat and don’t forget to explore the Excio app for inspiration!

"Crying" by Kelly Vivian (KellsPhotography)

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