#Good Challenge: Colour Black

“Black is the queen of colours” - Auguste Rodin

As we have observed in our challenges, colour psychology is an extremely vast field, and colour related emotions depend on personal preferences and past experiences. Black is no exception, even though it is not a colour at all! You see, black is all colours at once, or better, it’s the absorption of all colours.

Te Papa by Janice McKenna

"Mihi at Te Papa. Developed by Claire O'Loughlin and Marcus McShane, and with the support of Wellington City Council people can thank people and animals that helped you through COVID-19."

For many, black is associated with elegance and attractiveness, as well as power and boldness. Just think of all the black outfits and tuxedos you see at a fancy event. For some, black symbolises all things negative, like death and evil and is often tied to feelings of anger, fear, and sadness. Even the English language doesn’t spare it: Black Plague, Black Sheep and Blackmail are just some examples of the connection of black and negativity. [source]

By Giulio D'Ercole

In photography, a black background can be the key to creating powerful low-key shots whilst using a window light for dark indoor photography can create stunning black silhouettes of the subjects, creating more dramatic photos. It’s the intensity of black and, therefore, the resulting contrast with other colours, that contributes enormously to the force of a picture. With black, it’s possible to go beyond the image, and to present another reality, which can be charged with different connotations and moods. By underexposing an image, we have the possibility, with black, to go in this direction, suggesting new semantic universes or more simple images.

White with droplets by Paula Vigus (Gapt.It Photography)

"These gorgeous little Mycena sp (as far as I can work out) were all growing on a mall leaf. The dewey droplets made them irresistible and honestly, the two on the right had side were only about 2mm high if that."

You can see our other challenges by clicking here albums.excio.io/profile/challenges or through the free app (Members -> Top Members -> Challenges). What do you feel when you see a photograph that is intensely black or white? What are your reactions to dark tones and deep contrast in photography?

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