#Good Challenge: Bokeh

A nice way of thinking about the camera is to think of it as a mechanical version of the human eye. Everyone sees the world differently and this is what helps us to take different photographs of the same object or place. Human eyes can almost instantaneously focus and make everything in its field of view seem perfectly clear, whether nearby or far away but the camera cannot.

"City Bokeh" by Susan Blick

Why then, if we see everything in focus, do we tend to adore the bokeh effect in photography? In this challenge, we explore what sensation or feeling the bokeh effect has on us, whether it feels pleasing and beautiful or distracting and why.

Consider situations in which our human vision can produce bokeh – most likely when you stare at something without letting your eyes move. Think of slipping into a trance or dream-state. Perhaps that is the reason why people like bokeh on a subconscious level, with reality is mixed into a dreamy blur.

"Sea of hearts" by Anna Menendez

When you come up with possible situations when you can use bokeh in your shots don't limit your imagination as it can be everything from portraits to macro, sunlit flowers to water drops on the windscreen of your car.

"After the rain" by Photoqueen

When taking your bokeh photos or going through your archives think of how the image you choose to publish will affect the viewer? Blurry elements often challenge the viewers to figure out what the object or scene might be. How might that affect the viewer’s attitude about the subject in focus? Does it create curiosity, mystery, or confusion?

"Can't buy me bokeh!" by Damon Marshall

Share your shots and stories with us on the Community Chat in this week’s topic. Don’t forget that you can also post images in other topics for different challenges as there is no time limit for when you can submit your work!

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