Getting To Know Stewart Watson

In my younger days I dabbled in film photography and had all the usual SLR gear but grew out of it, too busy with my career and not having enough time to do photography justice - the delay between taking shots and getting to see them was so slow. So I sold all my gear and went down the point and shoot route, just taking family/holiday photos.

By Stewart Watson

Then digital arrived - I was a very early adopter and loved it. With a long background in the IT industry, I love the editing side of photography as much as taking the photos. I have had many iterations of camera equipment as the products have improved over the years in fact, I used to be that guy that bought every new model in the Canon range! I still have a Canon 5Dmk3 but my main camera is a Sony A7R2 with Canon EF lenses. I’ve had this camera 5 years now and, so far, don’t crave an update!

I love landscape photography and I love producing bright bold images. I stick to my lane - I usually don't photograph people, events, or street photography but I do dabble with abstract/ICM, crystal ball shooting, and astro but always come back to landscapes which are my thing.

By Stewart Watson

Like most people I guess, my photo editing has improved exponentially over the years with practice and the availability of editing software. Whilst I am happy to edit shots (as part of the overall creativity process) I mainly use Lightroom and a little bit of Luminar. I'm not into "photoshopping" images to produce images that are quite different to what I saw in-camera other than resizing or removing objects/people that are ruining the scene. Some people (those who prefer the softer / pastel look) probably think my images are too bold (colour wise) but that's my style and thankfully enough people seem to like them.

By Stewart Watson

In the last few years we have invested in a motor home that allows me to travel the length of our beautiful country with the flexibility to manage the weather and locations dilemmas. I just love it, it's tiring but relaxing at the same time and so satisfying, I feel incredibly fortunate to have visited the destinations I have and love sharing those locations with others through my photography. I am not secretive about my locations (I like to help people as much as I can) so provide locations/maps whenever possible.

By Stewart Watson

I have been fortunate to have received advice and info from some of NZ's better photographers and my view is that if they can do this (share their knowledge with me) the least I can do is to help others in any way I can after all, what goes around comes around!

By Stewart Watson

I do sell my photos via my website and the FB Group NZ Made Products, or Chooice as it's now called, has become a great showcase for my work but whilst I find selling rewarding, it's not as rewarding as receiving positive feedback from around the world thanks to social media (my Instagram).

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