Get to know Ken Jochmann, judge of the 'Photography Unleashed' competition

Ken Jochmann, partner of Berlin startup company Foolography (producer of the Unleashed photo accessory) talks to us about judging the Photography Unleashed photo competition, what #PhotographyForGood means to him, and his own photographic journey.

Ken Jochmann, partner of Foolography

Ken, tell us a little about yourself...

I’ve been into photography since my teenage years and always kept it as a hobby! I love photographing people – especially catching moments of people that are doing what they love or doing something that excites them. I also love aesthetic landscape/nature photography. I have always dreamed of doing an arctic photography tour... Maybe that’ll be possible soon.

By Ken Jochmann

Aside from photography I have a passion for cooking and playing cards… (Don’t ask, it’s my secret nerd hobby.)

Work wise, I’m a partner of Foolography – a small Hardware-Startup inventing, producing, and selling smart camera accessories for cameras.

How did the Foolography Company come to life and how did your product called Unleashed come about?

Foolography started as a one-man company when Oliver built a small Bluetooth module for Geotagging to add GPS data to photos. I joined as a partner supporting the business side at the end of 2014.

The idea for Unleashed had existed for quite a while but it wasn't until 2015 that we finalized the concept. The goal was to develop an all-in-one product that gives you, the photographer, full control of your camera remotely from your phone, including features like programmable Long Exposures, Day-to-Night-Timelapses, and Geotagging. In 2016 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the product and successfully shipped all products in 2018. Today, thousands of customers are using the Unleashed on a regular basis, and the community is still growing.

You're judging the Unleashed Photo Competition in which the Unleashed will be awarded to the lucky winnter, what will you be looking for in the winning shot?

I believe that the most important thing for participants to get across when entering their photo into a competition is their passion and dedication. I'll be looking at aesthetics, creativity, and execution as I go through each of the images submitted to 'Photography Unleashed' although saying that, the best photos usually just hit you so don't keep me to that!

How do you define #PhotographyForGood ?

If a photo moves something inside of you, I believe it achieved its goal. Such movement can look different for many people, it doesn’t necessarily always need to be good feelings. Sometimes, photos can move you by making you angry or something like that, but they still move you to do something such as stirring you to act and to change the world for good. That’s what I love about photos and how we humans can express our creativity through them.

By Ken Jochmann

Do you have a favourite photo you have taken?

I guess one of the recent photos that I took of a lion when I was in South Africa with my family is my current favourite. The cool thing about this shot is that the framing all happened when taking the photo – even if it maybe wasn’t necessary on purpose. ;)

By Ken Jochmann

What's next for Foolography?

Well, the Unleashed has been and still will be the project. However, we’re already working on some other new cool stuff that I can’t talk about right now... you'll just have to follow us on Excio and online to keep up to date!

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