Fixing Colours with Kim Rogers' "Overnight Stop"

Review by Korry Benneth

We always use this spot in Huntley on our way to or from Auckland. It is a great area right near the railways with pukekos walking around greeting visitors!"

Initial Thoughts

The idea and concept of this photo is great on so many levels. Let’s start with your subject, the factory. While industrial buildings can be boring, you managed to make it super interesting with its reflection in the water. Not only did the subject became something worth seeing, it also fills the frame nicely.

Framing the subject with leaves and grass was great decision too as it makes the subject pop out even more.

How This Photo Could Be Improved

Removing Extra Grass and Leaves

The only thing that would make your concept a bit better is a bit of cleaning, like removing some parts of the leaves and grass – See outlines below for the leaves and grass that actually clutter the scene and are not needed. Most editing software would allow you to clone these out really easily.


The colours in this image are a bit pale, properly blue sky and more visible clouds are the only thing this photo is missing to make it really pop off the screen. The pale colours happened mostly because your white balance was set on auto. Most cameras have some issues with auto white balance when photos are taken outdoors during cloudy weather so it’s always a good idea to adjust your white balance manually. You can easily do that with switching white balance to manual and following directions from your camera. If you do the same thing with contrast, you’ll get nice, white and fluffy clouds on beautiful blue sky.

Another reason for such low contrast and pale colours is that the image is a bit overexposed. That happened because you left your ISO on 500. With such peaceful weather ISO 200 would be more than enough. Even if the photo was slightly underexposed with this setting adjustment, slightly underexposed images are always better than slightly overexposed ones and they are easier to fix in editing software. See how much difference just a bit less light makes...

Final Thoughts

Overall, this image is really good. From the combination of industry and nature, to the centred composition with reflection and framing everything with natural frame of leaves and grass, it’s really nice and creative approach. Just pay attention to your settings; make sure your ISO is set to the lowest number possible for the situation, and be careful of leaving your white balance on auto.

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