How Family & Photography Go Hand In Hand with Parmeet Sahni

Tell us, how do you manage your family commitments, kids, and photography business?

Honestly, it does get overwhelming at times. However, we all know what they say. Nothing is impossible - especially if you put your heart and soul into it. Everyone in our family has their own routines but it’s all about how we manage and balance our time. I always make sure I unplug from work when I spend time with my loved ones. Finding the perfect harmony between home and work, that’s what makes a huge difference. Do you involve your kids in your business, are they helping you?

For sure! They are more than included. I reckon photography is in the genes, especially with my older daughter who helps me out in sessions and is always helpful with her creative and innovative ideas.

As my photography business, Soulful Memories, has grown over the years, it has become a family venture. My husband is not only my life partner, but my business partner too. He takes care of all the finances and that is a huge help. And of course my little one! She is only 10 years old but still plays a vital role in the business. Making checklists for me, packing snacks for long days, pencilling sessions on the calendar, she’s a little assistant but also my boss in more ways than one.

Even for my travel, I involve them in helping me to select the destination and book travel tickets, hotel, places to see, places to photograph and trust me they have both become pro travel advisers (chuckles). And this all has increased so much of knowledge about different countries when they research and explore it on the net. Would you like them to become photographers?

I have never pressured my children into a certain career path. My elder daughter has aspirations of studying design and my younger one has her heart set on being an actress, and I wholeheartedly support their dreams in whatever way I can. They both do like taking photos, and seeing them with a camera definitely makes me happy, but I am happiest when they are content with what they are doing. Would you recommend photography as a career to other women?

Speaking from personal experience, photography has changed my life. I found something that I love doing, and something that never gets boring. I say, if you have a passion for it, you should definitely pursue photography. We always give ourselves multiple reasons for not doing what we truly want, but know that there’s a way around everything. If you’re working, use leisure time to unwind and capture some photos. If you’re a beginner, Youtube tutorials and your phone camera is a completely okay place to start! How do you balance family time and photography time?

As far as managing time is concerned, I do believe in quality of time over quantity of time. Its unrealistic to be in two places at once, and I am thankful that my family understands that. We ensure we are spending quality time together during weekends and on weekdays after school and after work too. Allocate some time just for your family where your time is only dedicated to them without any distractions. Make it well known that your family is loved and valued, but make sure they also know how important your passion is to you. Having their support makes all the difference.

Honestly, I am blessed to have such an amazing support and motivation from each of them. And I thank almighty everyday for giving me such a loving nest! And I must mention, that it's not only my family who support me, my co workers too encourage me and I equally love my Team Amin job and my office family. What challenges do you think female photographers face?

Personally, I’ve never come across any challenges that can’t be overcome. I am a strong believer in “no excuses” and I never let being a wife, a mother, or a female slow me down when it comes to photography. Are there ways in which you think female photographers (especially Mothers) have advantages over men?

As a newborn photographer, I can guarantee that handling all the little angels in your studio comes naturally to photographers that are mothers. Handling and caring for a baby is second nature and I believe that this reflects in my shots. Otherwise, I don’t think there is much else and the quality of your work speaks on your behalf, no matter your gender, race, or sexuality etc.

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