Expert Critique: Looking at Natural Vignetting

"First Light at Maraetai Beach" by Ram Subramanian

The photo is about the stage being set for a sunrise which is defined by the clouds formation thereby cutting the rays of light from the sun to create a spectacular site and person on the wharf witnessing a wonderful site.

The colours in this image are fantastic, vibrant but still calm and soothing. The long exposure is also perfectly executed with the sea completely still while the clouds are very dynamic. The long exposure also blends all the colours in the clouds giving the picture even more depth. Another great thing about this photo is that the main point of interest is really prominent and leads the eye to the sunset and the golden rays.

There's only one thing which lets this photo down slightly and that's the the faint vignette which can be seen around the edges when you look closely at the image.

Vignetting happens when the light coming through the lens doesn’t hit the edges of the sensor as good as the middle. It can easily be fixed by cropping or with vignette removal tools. Some photographers add vignetting to their photos on purpose so that it leads the eye to the main subject in the photo but in this case it is not needed since the rays of sun are so visible and bright.


A breathtaking photo with no major mistakes and almost no minor ones either. It shows the sharp skillset of the photographer and the even better execution. Nothing else to say but stunning!

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