Expert Critique: "Kaiate Falls" by Ram Subramanian

Review by Matej Tandara

The long exposure of the waterfall and river looks stunning in this shot, the water is silky smooth and really shows that the photographer has mastered this aspect of long exposure photography. The colours and tones are moody and dark but they fit so well since they add a sort of mysterious vibe to the whole image. The framing is expertly done too having the perfect ratio of background and foreground for this particular shot.

"Kaiate Falls" by Ram Subramanian

Nearly all images have room for improvement though... This image could be made even better by improving the following...

The Motion Blur

One challenging thing about shooting long exposures with moving subjects such as people in them is motion blur. Since a person can’t physically stay so still, there’s a trick that can be used to eliminate the movement of the subject. After taking the long exposure shot, without moving the camera and tripod, shorten the shutter speed but keep the same exposure (make the shutter speed faster but adjust the aperture and ISO accordingly) and then combine the two shots in post-processing. That way the long exposure will stay the same but the person will not be blurry.

The Dynamic Range

The dynamic range in this image is quite good but one little fix that can be made is to the exposure of the top right part of the image. The problem is that this corner has washed out colours which really stand out when looking at the image as a whole. Only a minor tweak is needed to fix this - Use the adjustment brush in Adobe Lightroom or the mask tool in Adobe Photoshop and brush over those areas while lowering the exposure a little. When done correctly, the transition will look smooth and seamless, making the image a lot better with an easy adjustment.


A truly outstanding image that shows that the photographer has a wide skillset and that they know what they’re doing and how they’re going to do it. Simply amazing!

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