Expert Critique: How To Make a Great Photo Even Greater?

"Lake and Jetty" by Nee Christopher Lagria

"On my recent trip to the US, we travelled from Yosemite National Park to Lake Tahoe for 5 hours. We arrived at our accomodation 10 minutes before sunset. I was so exhausted from the trip and I was struggling for a place to shoot. I have researched the best places to shoot but all of them are about 30 minutes from where we are staying. When I saw the colors in the sky, without hesitation I drove towards the direction where I know the colors is still vibrant. Finally after 15 minutes driving, I found a beach access and after about 10 minutes of walk, I found this jetty. It was getting dark already but I can still see colors. I did 2 panorama shots at F16 each with 4 minutes exposure. Picture was taken with Fuji GFX 50R with Pentax 645 200 mm adapted lens."

Review by Samuel Ogunlaja

This picture right here is one of the best works I have encountered when doing reviews. It is very eye-catching due to its simplicity, the colours are minimal yet in the right proportions and on the same tone frequency that reflect all through the photo. More importantly; it reveals an unusual scene of the flow present in the sky, in the water, and in the reflections. Let's go into more detail of what makes this technically sounds photo stand out.

Composition and Value Contrast

The composition is great - the position from which the image was taken ensures that the sky is well emphasized so that we can keep looking at the beautiful creamy pastel sky and appreciate its beauty. But it doesn't end there; regardless of the colours in the sky and the mountains, the building also stands out because of the good contrast.


Even more interesting is the depth evident from the trees captured at the very end. This gives a finite estimation of the photograph, giving an image with well-defined properties and eliminating suspense and questions in the narrative.

Going from great to greater