Excio x Nature First Alliance

The blooming of a flower, the crash of a wave, the grace of a flock of birds, the unfathomable stare of a lion... Many of us find ourselves in awe of nature and wanting to pay tribute to its beauties is likely what propelled us to pick up a camera in the first place. That is why Excio is proud to announce a partnership with Nature First Alliance – an international community of photographers engaged in nature conservation.

"Sanctuary Road Track" by Paula Vigus (Gapt.it Photography)

It has always been in the DNA of Excio to take a responsible approach to ethical, conscious, and mindful photography. Through all our posts, articles, and interviews whether on our blog/website or via the app, you can see how our members are passionate about doing #good and supporting a good cause with their cameras whether it is showing remote corners of our planet or volunteering as a photographer.

"Treescape" by Paul Belli

Over the last decade, there has been a surge in the number of people exploring wild locations in search of the “perfect shot.” This unbridled wave has, ironically and consequently, started to pose a threat to the well-being of the very ecosystems portrayed. Aware of the potential repercussions, and drawing on the enthusiasm of passionate volunteers and more than 3,100 members from over 52 countries across the globe, Nature First Alliance has spearheaded a movement to remind ourselves that nature comes first.

By establishing a series of principles that revolve around education and sharing, the alliance aims to tackle some of the emerging (yet often overlooked) issues surrounding nature photography, such as over-crowding of sensitive natural areas and lack of environmental knowledge over impacts. In the current framework, photographers can sign up for free access to guidelines for sustainable photography practises, becoming part of a worldwide network of ambassadors for mindful photography.

"Out of the darkness" by Vandy Pollard

As an NFA partner organisation, Excio has committed to a more nature-aware approach to the photos that we take, use and share. Through this newfound collaboration, we hope to consolidate and extend the scope of our philosophical backbone, stimulating more of our members and photographers to shoot responsibly and use their #PhotographyForGood. Enjoy the selection of nature photographs from our members and if you want more - just download our free app and you can have them on your phone any time!

"Fly" by Johann Schutte

"Yellow Drop" by Ivan D

"All alone" by Noelle Bennett

"Ladybug" by Klene

"North Island Robin" by Janice McKenna

"Meditate" by Sarah Smith

"Cuteness!" by Deb Ford

"Aquilegia" by Vicki Finz

"Gannets" by Jakub Soltysiak

"Percy Reserve Waterfall" by Tanya Rowe

"Always listen to your parents" by Damon Marshall

"Yellow-crowned Kakariki" by Christine Jacobson

"Tekapo" by Peter Maiden

"Silver Eye in the Blossoms" by Brad Crocker Photography

"White Heron - Kotuku" by Diana Stewart

"The Portal, Muriwai Beach" by Paul Kettel

"Calendula" by Tina Macrae

"Fern" by Corina Belliss Photography

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