Excio Top 10 April

We hope the Top 10 Excio photos we selected this month for the NZ Photographer Magazine will help you reinvigorate your inspiration and boost your creativity.

You'll find plenty more beautiful and thought-provoking images in each member's portfolio via the Excio app or on your desktop via the Excio albums.

Takahe by Enzo Giordani

Juvenile takahē hanging out with mum on Tiritiri Matangi Island.

Serenity by Ian Cooper

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean as seen from the Napier Ocean Viewing Platform.

Fur seal pup at sunrise by Kim Free

A very cute NZ fur seal pup at sunrise in Kaikoura.

Welcome swallow feeding fledging by Robert Sanson

This shows a Welcome Swallow parent feeding one of its fledglings whilst on the wing. It shows what superb fliers they are. The photo was taken with an Olympus E-3 camera, with a 300 mm f2.8 lens + 1.4 TC. The camera settings were ISO 400, 1/1600s, f5.6

Otago University Campus, Dunedin by Greg Hughson

A "Pep Ventosa" type composite photo taken on the University of Otago campus, Dunedin, NZ.

Waiting for the sunrise by Jan Abernethy

This little strand of moss was very tiny, it perked its head up to see the sunrise.

Kotuku by Janice McKenna

The Majestic Kotuku or White Heron, taken at Okarito Lagoon, on the West Coast of the South Island. These types of images lend themselves to Black and White.

Light bulb moment by Connull Lang

Using a sound trigger, speed light, and a BB gun, A lot of light bulbs had to die to get the timing of this just right.

King Cormorant Colony by Brenda Pinfold

King Cormorant colony overlooking the wild sea. Sea Lion Island.

Delicate mushroom fungi by Damon Marshall

A pair of thin translucent mushrooms shining in beautiful morning sunlight

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