Excio Featured: Who Made It This Time?

We regularly feature the most interesting and eye-catching photographs in the "Featured" section of the Excio app to celebrate our wonderful creative community of photographers. These photos are first to be seen by everyone who opens Excio on their devices and leads to new people discovering your collections, profile and learning more about your work.

See below some of the photos that made it to the "Featured" selection this time and check them all out on the app. Even if your photos didn't get selected this time, don't worry - they still have a chance to make it in the next round.

To increase your chances of being selected, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your images have a high enough resolution to look sharp on big screens (e.g. tablets). The minimum resolution is 1000px on the shortest side.

  2. The photos you upload on Excio should not have borders, text overlays or watermarks (on Excio they have your name, details and protection of copyrights anyway).

  3. At least one of your collections should ideally have more than 3 photos.

"Talia Study 3" by Charlotte E. Johnson

"This collaborative project is the result of putting into practice several newly learnt techniques to produ