Do #Good on World Children’s Day

November 20th is World Children’s day. Photographers can play an essential role in making this day count. We have the chance to come together, celebrate, and promote children’s rights. In 1959, the Declaration of The Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN, and we now celebrate it every year to promote awareness and improve children’s welfare worldwide. Let’s take and share a photograph of a child today in support #PhotographyForGood.

"Sacrifical Lambs" By Giulio D'Ercole

"Sunset in the Kara village. As people attend their last chores, children roam around. Suddenly, I come across another symbolic image: a small child lovingly holding a lamb, as if it was his most precious pet or his best friend. They both look like the epitomes of innocence, and the last generation of a disappearing world. The child's eyes seem already lost, looking in an indefinite space."

If used correctly, photography is a powerful tool to raise awareness. In New Zealand alone, there is an unprecedented number of children who go to school every day without lunch [source], and one of the worst records of reported child abuse in the ‘developed world’ with one child killed every five weeks [source].

"Love in Nepal" By Susan Blick

"Beautiful faces of some of the street children on the streets of Kathmandu."

As photographers, we have the power to bring attention to the real issues, photographing what is happening in our communities, telling stories, raising awareness. You can also help by donating to a children’s charity the profits from the sale of your prints or nominate a charity for our Feel Good Gallery, where for every 100 visitors, we’ll make a donation.

"Cheeky Smile" By Parmeet Sahni

"An angelic face amidst the many faces I captured in Bhutan. She was the sweetest little thing and loved having her picture taken."

"There is something about kids and mud" By Peter Laurenson

"Kids at a mudslide, Rohri (across the Indus River from Sukkur), Pakistan. You don't need flash toys or sanitised theme parks to find happiness / Nikon F801S, Fuji Velvia slide film, settings not recorded."

Childhood passes in a moment, and photographs are great for keeping memories. Many of us enjoy taking photographs of our kids or newborns, and in this case, photography is there to preserve precious moments. If you are photographing children, it can be a real challenge. To capture the perfect moment, set a shutter speed of 1/500 or faster. To get dynamic and exciting shots, try to change the perspective and the position of your camera. In some cases, it may help to immerse yourself in the situation you want to photograph. For group shots, an aperture of f8 to f11 is recommended to have all subjects in perfect focus.

"Deanna" By Lynn Fothergill

"A totally candid photo of Deanna at the beach, My favourite kind of kid shot. Clean, natural, uncontrived. And those eyes!"

Dedicate some of your time today to go through the fantastic photographs of kids shared by our members – you can enjoy them right on your phone with our free app.

"Imagination" By Brad Crocker

"The imagination you can create on a metal sculpture. One of my fav's of my son Cole"

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