Photo Review - "Dilapidated Farmhouse" by Peter McIlroy

By Matej Tandara

For many years I have driven past a derelict farmhouse facing the highway south of Wakefield. On this particular morning it was beautifully lit with low angle morning sunlight, illuminating parts of it and creating striking shadows in other areas. 185 mm, Aperture f8, Shutter speed 1/200 sec, ISO 500

Initial Thoughts

Starting with the exposure, you nailed it! Not too dark, not too bright, just perfect for this scene. The focus is razor sharp on the old farm house too, couldn’t be better! The contrast is a bit more pronounced but it works so well with the overall feel of the picture. The colours are lively and vibrant too, nothing to change there!


When taking a photo you want everything in it to play an equally important role. That’s why composition is so important. The composition you chose in this photo isn’t bad, but it could have been better. The image is a bit heavy on the right which messes a little bit with the overall quality of the picture. If you had moved a little bit to the left while taking the picture and angled your camera towards the farm house, you would have achieved a nice separation of the house from the tree.

Thinking Outside The Box

This photo would make a strong black and white image too – It's always worth playing around with alternative edits as I've done below.

Final Thoughts

Since this is such a strong picture there’s barely anything to improve on apart from the composition as mentioned above. Some things in the picture like the hard shadows around the edge, very pronounced contrast, etc. would normally be critiqued but photography is also art and so subjective so in this case all of these “errors” aren’t really mistakes since they contribute to the final result which is very eye-catching.

So in short, a gorgeous photograph that tells a story, has value, and it is visually pleasing.

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