Creative photography Q&A - Pamela Johnstone

Why do you feel a need to edit/adjust the scene in-post - Isn't our world already beautiful enough?

I feel that sometimes, the image needs a little something extra if there is a certain mood I would like to enhance or if, for instance, there is not a lot going on in the image itself.

My favourite creative photo is probably the one showing the moon-lit pier.

The night I took this shot was a very beautiful night in Christchurch and I had just been in my car listening to a song which reminded me of a very special person who took his own life last year. The moon represents him, shining bright in the sky, as he used to sometimes take his daughter fishing off this pier in New Brighton.

A lot of us had really been feeling the loss, especially his beautiful mother so that is how I came up with adding in the moon over the pier.