Celebrating World Bee Day with Excio member Chris Moeller

Christine, can you introduce yourself to us and tell us about your journey with photography?

I'm a 42 year old mum of 6. I born in Taranaki and now live in the beautiful South Island.

I have always enjoyed throwing any camera handy in my bag when heading out, probably as early as a teen thinking back. Photography became more of a passion in 2008 when I experienced a period of being unwell mentally, needing to learn to stop, relax, and look closer at "life". It was a great way to slow down while doing a self care activity that I enjoyed.

Photography and Bees have been a really good blend for me for the mental and physical wellness. Working outdoors and enjoying every season, feeling the wind against your face while the crops change colour and the cattle do their cycles, being out in the field beekeeping gives me that view not a huge amount of people see. Every day all this inspires me, if I'm feeling stressed I go and sit next to my home hives, I listen to the hum, watch them come and go and its very grounding.

By Christine Moeller

So where did your passion for bees come in?

In 2011 I made a move, exchanging 11 years in Auckland for a slower pace of life in the Waikato. While there I met a beekeeper who I worked alongside, working for free to gain experience. When I left due to another volunteer wanting experience I missed the bees so I started keeping my own.

By Christine Moeller

How do you do #PhotographyForGood?

I like to use my photos of bees to educate and show people a different side or view they haven't had the opportunity to learn about. Much is visual these days in terms of children and adults learning, so getting in close with the camera is so helpful with letting people see what I see first-hand. It makes classroom visits and education talks so much more interesting. It's a fascinating process being able to work from hive to extracting to bottling honey... So much that my youngest daughter and eldest son have the bee bug.

What can you share with us about these creatures?

Bees are fascinating creatures, working for the greater good of the hive. Female bees perform all jobs in the hive (such as nursery carers, undertakers, foragers, wax builders, cleaners, and guards) in a sequence based on their age. Male bees have no purpose other than to leave the hive to mate with queen's from other hives, they do this in mid air which results in their death after this first and only union.

By Christine Moeller

What tips can you share with our readers for taking better bee photos?

My only advice for taking bee photos is get in close where they are feeding or in numbers. Use a fast shutter speed and burst mode to get multiple shot. lf setting up a shoot, drizzle honey or sugar water where you want the bees to converge.

Where can we find you online?




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