Celebrating International Women Day with Excio Photo Community

It's just how things are – cameras and camera gear were originally designed by men for men. Carrying heavy camera equipment required physical strength and so, as a result, what we have is primarily a male-dominated industry. The invention of point-and-shoot cameras and, later, capable cell phone cameras saw many females, both amateurs and professionals, using cameras as a tool to show how they see the world. The stereotypes are still there though, and the discrimination sometimes goes further when female photographers are not taken seriously. Many camera gear shops and businesses still have male-dominated staff as well as there being inequality in the professional photography industry where, as revealed in a TEDx talk by Jill Greenberg, around 92% of adverts are shot by men, as are 85% of magazine covers.

We don't think this is fair, especially as a community organised and run by female photographer Ana Lyubich, so one of our main focus areas at the Excio Photo Community is to help other female photographers be more confident and courageous in showing their work. At Excio, we are proud to have more than 60% of female photographers with many punching above their weight and using cameras to show that beauty is in our differences, not in trends, standards, money or race – some of their work is featured below. The warmth and serenity which is so specific to the most beautiful women in the world comes to balance all the negativity we see in the media nowadays. There are many more talented female photographers in our community whose work you can explore on our app or web portfolio<