Catching Up with Marina De Wit

After She Wins Silver at the RHS Show

RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show
Marina de Wit at the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show , London

Back in June 2019, in Issue 20 of NZ Photographer Magazine we did an interview with fine art photographer Marina de Wit. Her roses had just been selected for the prestigious RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show in London and she was on a quest to make it happen. Here's what took place in the weeks leading up to the show, as well as during.

What was going on in the weeks before the event?

It was a crazy couple of months leading up to the RHS Botanical Art & Photography show and I am so grateful for every single person who contributed to my Give a Little fund which helped me pay for my plane ticket so that I could be at the event in person.

I did have a couple of frantic last moment hiccups before the show but I suppose that was to be expected - you realize soon enough that most things can be dealt with but one thing I have now learned is never to assume anything, always ask and double check when entering these sorts of events!

I realized last minute that the venue did not accept any deliveries of art work (I assumed as in NZ that this was the standard practice) so had to phone around.

Luckily my hotel was kind enough to accept my prints a week before the event. (I found out too late that it's possible to take your art as checked luggage!).

Previous to this, I had really been hoping that John Botton from Printart could print my work in NZ, but the cost of shipping was so high that I had to get them printed in the UK.