A Photography Passion As Big As The Universe

Tim Ashby-Peckham shares his views on astrophotography

If you think astrophotography is only for experienced and professional photographers, think again.

Amateur photographers with a passion for astronomy and who delight in peering up at the night sky, pondering the secrets of the universe, will go far in creating good photos as when it comes to astro, having the technical ‘know how’ is not enough – You must have passion as big as the universe too!

The night sky is our connection with 6000 years of history. We can only image how our ancestors pondered on the night sky and how it impacted their belief systems, navigation skills, and annual cycles of life. We still believe in the seasonal movements of the sun, moon and stars and yet we're still learning how it affects us human beings of the 21st century - Becoming increasingly important is the understanding of the impact of blue light and light pollution on the human body. There is scientific evidence that suggests that for our own wellbeing, humans can greatly benefit from managed lighting and dark spaces.

As photographers we have the power to capture the beauty that is not visible or accessible to everyone and astrophotography is a good example. While “looking at the stars” sounds intriguing, mystical, and romantic in reality spending hours photographing the bright stars requires a lot of time, patience, and some astronomical knowledge.

So grab your camera, capture the night skies, and share them with our community on Excio after reading about Tim's experiences and getting re-inspired after seeing Tim's work and some astro shots from our other members who share the same passion.

How did you become interested in astrophotography, has it always been your chosen genre?

I've been doing astrophotography now for about 4 years. Before I got a DSLR, the photography I did was mostly with point and shoot cameras and SLR's so once I got a DSLR I was able to experiment a bit more, knowing I wanted to try astrophotography because I had a fascination for space and so exploring that through photography seemed like a good idea.