Art of Birding Challenges: Best of April

The Art of Birding photo challenge has now passed the 17 week stage - See the best photos from April and learn what you need to do to get your work featured if you're a participant of the free challenges.

You might have wondered, why do some folk appear in the Art of Birding “best of the month” blog again and again? It’s not just about photographic talent, though there’s plenty on offer. It’s because they’ve gone the extra mile with the thought or effort they’ve put into the challenge. This month I’m favouring participants who have also written about their photo, giving background context that deepens our understanding. It’s been especially satisfying to see people getting more confident with writing. Sometimes only a few words are needed; sometimes, an essay is warranted. How do you know how much to write? According to my professor, you “say what you need to say and then stop.”