Art of Birding Challenge – Best of March

By Judi Lapsley Miller

March in the 2020 Art of Birding Wildlife & Nature Photography Challenges saw the world turn on its head, with most participants suddenly finding themselves under some form of lockdown or shelter-in-place order. For many, our weekly challenge became a welcome distraction and a way to stay connected to the world, even if from their garden or deck.

Our first photo challenge in March had a "Prickly" theme. Melanie Day (Auckland, New Zealand) captured this beautiful photo of an aloe with its repeating patterns of prickles. She says "I love the way the prickles look like sets of stylised waves travelling across the sea. If you look closely the imprints of the prickles of one leaf can be seen pressed into its neighbour like an echo.

Our next challenge entitled "Analogous Colours" had many people looking at nature in a different way. Colour-queen Erica Siegel (Queensland, Australia) delighted us again with her stunning macro insect photography, this photo showing a Blue Triangle butterfly.

The autumnal Equinox arrived for the Southern Hemisphere and the vernal Equinox arrived for those in the North. It was lovely to share seasons around the world.

Each week as well as posting to Instagram, Carol Jardine (Auckland, New Zealand) blogs about the challenge and posts additional photos. Her