Add a Good Purpose Behind Publishing Your Photos

A new initiative launched by our Excio Photo Community is here to help you add a good purpose behind publishing photos.

Starting with #PhotographyForGood movement Excio is now bringing into action their new “Feel Good Photography" initiative. Instead of fighting for a fleeting moment of attention on overcrowded platforms like Instagram, the photos published by Excio members are now given a real and easy opportunity to make the world a better place, while being displayed in a beautiful gallery alongside other passionate photographers.

Feel Good Photography Page by Excio Photo Community

For every 100 visitors who come and explore our members' gallery we make a donation to the charity.

“At Excio, we're all about championing photographers, providing opportunities for them to share their work and stories on our platform. We decided that doing good through photography needs to be simple and effective for everyone involved – our members, our audience, and photography appreciators.”, says Ana Lyubich, co-founder of Excio. “We are very excited to launch “Feel Good Photography” on behalf of our members to regularly showcase the most interesting work that has been uploaded to Excio. For every 100 visitors who come and explore the page we donate $1 to the charity chosen by our members. It is that simple.” The new fundraising concept means that there are no extra contributions, payments or transactions involved for Excio members or the viewing audience.

Starting in August Excio will be supporting The Mental Health Foundation ahead of the mental health awareness week. Excio members can also nominate their charity of choice. There is a lot of evidence that shows looking at photographs has a positive effect on the viewer and photography is especially known to help people battle with mental health illnesses. “We are very proud to support such an important and great cause at the start of our Feel Good Photography project. You can easily help by visiting the page and sharing it with your friends.”, says Lyubich.

Excio is a global photo community based in Wellington, New Zealand. Amongst Excio members are well-known local and international photographers such as Fairlie Atkinson, Guy Vickers, Judi Lapsley Miller, Maria Ligaya, Stewart Watson, Peter Laurenson, Parmeet Sahni, Susan Blick and many others, as well as photographers from Australia, Canada, Italy, India, the United States and Europe.

Feel Good Photography

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