A Recap of Christchurch Photo Walk

Learn about the first photo walk of 2020 organised by Excio Photo Community and led by our member Brendon Gilchrist. The focus of this walk was on exploring and capturing the city's old and new architecture. Find us on Eventbrite and join us on our next walk.

By Bikram Ghosh

Our first Christchurch Photo Walk of 2020 started in the Botanical Gardens, a place where we could meet and greet in the shade on what was Christchurch's hottest day of Summer before commencing our walk along the scorching streets, cameras in hand.

"The close up ultra-wide view of the Arts Center, the older buildings finer details are quite detailed with all the brickwork involved." by Brendon Gilchrist

Our main focus this day was to explore the city's old and new architecture, to see what had changed given all the new developments in Christchurch along with the older buildings being revamped and strengthened from the devastating earthquakes.

By Richard Foot

We walked along Rolleston Avenue from the gardens with the views of Christs Collage then along to Worcester Boulevard where we waited for the trams to come along so that we could photograph them with the lively city action, green trees, and a glimpse of the heart of Christchurch; the Cathedral in the background.

"Out and about, the old Cathedral is seen in the distance, the tram and a cyclist enjoying the vibes of the city." by Brendon Gilchrist

Tram mission accomplished, we carried on walking towards the art center and found respite from the heat in an old hall which in itself gave us many photographic opportunities from the beautiful stained glass windows, to the fire place and the roof.

By Richard Foot

By Bikram Ghosh

Ready to face the sun beating down once more, we walked along Hereford Street towards Montreal Street capturing more unique images on the way. We finished the walk just before 4pm at the Christchurch Art Gallery, one of the most unique (and photogenic) buildings in Christchurch of modern contemporary architecture.

Due to the heat, we did have some people drop out along the way, but the majority stuck with it and were happy to see the city in a new light, from a photographer's point of view.

We're already planning our next photo walk in Christchurch for 2020 – Watch this space if you want to join us for a nighttime photo walk to shoot the night life, the city lights, the car trails and to see the city from a new whole different perspective.

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