A Present That Changed Everything! - Project by Karolina Ferbei

Let me tell you the story of how my photography journey began, and how my business as a creative portrait photographer has flourished over the last 18 months - It might be the inspiration you need to make a career change too!

Born in Russia but spending my early childhood years in Kazakhstan, I trained to be an engineer, my move from Russia to NZ in 2017 all due to furthering my studies. However, soon after graduating, I felt that this field was not my passion but different circumstances kept me in the Civil and Structural Engineering industry for almost 11 years.

I always thought my mind was more technical than creative. But over the years, always having to following standards and codes, I got an urge to create. That's when I started to paint as a hobby. I didn't think about photography at the time because I thought photographers had to have talent and I didn't have that but later, one photographer told me that you can develop talent, it’s all a matter of practice.