Photo review - "The Boat" by Mekhala Patel

Initial Thoughts

The composition is very pleasing here with the boat in the foreground and the cityscape in the background. The exposure is perfect, something that can be hard to get right when you’re shooting across water and especially when the subjects are bright and lastly, the focus is spot on; the boat is perfectly sharp.

How This Photo Could Be Improved


I really like the whole skeleton of the photo but one thing I don’t like is how the background looks washed out with the air pollution making the colours look a little dull. The good thing is that this is easily fixable in post-processing software. You can select the background in Photoshop easily and then apply a little bit of vibrancy to the photo to get back the colours that were lost while taking the picture.

I’d also suggest making the water look a little bit more tropical. This alone could lift the photo a lot and give it a completely different feel. Right now it looks like an extremely hot today and like it isn’t pleasant to stay outside in the sun. If you changed the colour of the water to something a little warmer and less muddy this location could look like a tropical paradise that's a pleasure to be at.

Something else that you can add to sunny photos is a sun flare to make them look even more appealing. This combined with an overall warmer tone would really take this photo to the next level.

Here’s the image after a little bit of retouching, it looks more tropical but I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as this would be more fitting for a commercial type of photo.