"The Models" by Shuqi Wang - Photo Review

Why This Photo Works

What a lovely models you got! I like everything about this photo. Technically it’s done correctly, some minor things could be changed but that wouldn’t make much difference as the photo is really good. While I’m personally not a fan of centred compositions, in this case it works great. I can’t think of better way to place these two lovebirds than in the centre so they steal all the attention they deserve.

Portrait orientation instead of popular landscape was also a great choice. A lot of the charm of this image would be lost with the landscape orientation.

Improvements That Could Be Made

The large aperture (small f-number) gave you a beautiful shallow DOF that let this cute couple stand out nicely. Well done on that! However, that blurred background would be even nicer if you hadn’t used adjusted sharpness but instead used normal settings. I remember when I tried my first Sony, I had exactly the same problem with green backgrounds as you have on this photo and it took me a while to realise that I have to dig deep into settings to turn off all the ‘improvements’ Sony cameras have turned on by default - sharpness, contrast, noise reduction etc. I would suggest you turn them all off and then turn them on one by one to see which one you can use in which setting.

As a big Sony fan myself, I know your camera is able to do outstanding images with much lower ISO than the 400 that you selected. Next time, don’t be afraid to use ISO 125. It wouldn’t