Photo Review "The Three Of Us" by Amelia Armstrong

"Photo taken in Wellington Botanical Gardens on our recent holiday trip to Wellington. For me it symbolises the three of us - myself, my hubby and my son." - Amelia Armstrong

Initial Thoughts

Lovely flowers and great colours. Earthy tones are in trendy this year and they go great with gentle white flowers. You did a really great job with the colours, the shallow depth of field is also great with the background is completely blurred and absolutely no distraction, not even a single leaf is standing out - Well done!

How This Photo Could Be Improved

Two things could be improved on this photo.

First is that your flowers are not sharp enough. That’s a shame because emphasising textures is a very important part of nature photography. The pollen and stamen should be crystal clear with every line visible.

It’s not actually a focus problem, it’s about selecting the right ISO and shutter speed combination. You used pretty high ISO (500) and not so high shutter speed (1/180).