Photo Review "The Three Of Us" by Amelia Armstrong

"Photo taken in Wellington Botanical Gardens on our recent holiday trip to Wellington. For me it symbolises the three of us - myself, my hubby and my son." - Amelia Armstrong

Initial Thoughts

Lovely flowers and great colours. Earthy tones are in trendy this year and they go great with gentle white flowers. You did a really great job with the colours, the shallow depth of field is also great with the background is completely blurred and absolutely no distraction, not even a single leaf is standing out - Well done!

How This Photo Could Be Improved

Two things could be improved on this photo.

First is that your flowers are not sharp enough. That’s a shame because emphasising textures is a very important part of nature photography. The pollen and stamen should be crystal clear with every line visible.

It’s not actually a focus problem, it’s about selecting the right ISO and shutter speed combination. You used pretty high ISO (500) and not so high shutter speed (1/180).

Lower ISO (around 100) and faster shutter speed (1/250 or 1/500) would give you much better results. You can then manipulate the DOF by adjusting aperture (f number) to something like f4.1 which will give you a small depth of field (blurred background) The second thing that could be improved is composition. You centred the flowers nicely and that’s good, but since your flowers have a nice curve, cropping them so they fill the whole frame would be even better, see my second photo below.

Shallow DOF, earthy background tones and bright flowers are a great way to go but there’s really no need for so much empty space around the subject. Flower photos are all about showing the beauty of the flower, emphasising textures and letting colours do the rest.

Next time when shooting flowers try filling the frame with flowers completely or even go macro. It will not only make your photo more creative, it will also help you with achieving shallow DOF more easily as you’ll have much more control over shutter speed and aperture.

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