Photo Review - The change in seasons by Anna Moore

Initial Thoughts

I have very mixed feelings about this photo. I have a feeling that you have a great story to tell, but something went wrong while trying to show that through your camera. And that’s ok! We all have photos like that, stories we want to tell but that somehow stay untold because we just can't capture it.

I would love to hear the story behind the crooked perspective, was that some sort of filter, fisheye lens or you were just moving forward/backward? It’s a decent try, but missing just a bit more distortion as the bent buildings are covered by trees (check circled areas) and are hardly visible while on the trees it's hard to notice they're bent so we can’t get the right feeling.

Improving What We've Got

I personally would crop the bottom part of the image as the people are blurred. I see you used a shutter speed of 1/1000 which is fast, but not fast enough for environment you were in with people moving and areas with deep shadows. 1/4000 would be much more appropriate to get a clear image of people who are moving.

Below is my version of how I think this photo should be cropped so we have only trees framing sky, but photography is so subjective - I really would like to hear your thoughts on what was going through your mind in this image, leave a comment in the comments box or shoot us an email.