Photo Critique "Fairytale Magic" by Alexandra Ross

What The Photographer Did Right

I love the overall theme, the trees being placed symmetrically as far as the eye can reach, beautiful. The colours are fantastic, bright and vibrant but yet natural, great job on that one! The focus and exposure are also spot on, excellent!

Where Improvements Could Be Made


Personally, I don’t really mind the composition you have here but I think a better idea would have been to photograph them while standing directly in the middle as as to make the line of trees seem infinite. A good approach to doing this is to place your camera lower to the ground and capturing the trees from a really low perspective. This could make your photo seem more planned rather than a potentially random picture you took while walking around. Another option would be to shoot under the tree looking up, you can even place your camera on a tree branch to make it even better. Check out the example here.


Even though the majority of the photo is perfectly exposed, the sky is blown out. This can be a rather tricky thing to fix if you didn’t do bracketing.

Bracketing is a technique where you take more shots of your subject with different exposure levels, for example, you take one underexposed, one perfectly exposed and one overexposed shot - You can set this up on the camera so that it does this automatically. Later, when you’re doing the editing you combine parts of the three images to create one that is overall perfectly exposed. You can use your underexposed shot for details such as the sky and the overexposed one for hard shadows.

If you didn’t do bracketing your only option is to try to get the details back in Lightroom/Photoshop which can be near impossible at times, even when using high quality RAW files.


One thing that I noticed as soon as I saw this photo is how dark the tree stems are. I would suggest lifting the shadows in them a little so their details are more visible. Another option is to make the black tones a little bit lighter overall, this would work perfectly here since there isn’t anything black in the image apart from the trees.

Chromatic Aberration

If you look at the sky closely you can see chromatic aberration around the branches. I personally don’t look at this like some sort of error on your part, it is because of the lens (or even phone) you were using to capture this picture. But I did list it here since in this photo it is a really easy fix in post-processing. The best way to fix this is to select the purple colour in the whole image and turn it into a light gray/white, that way it won’t be noticeable anymore.

Here you can see the example before and after, it isn’t perfect but it’s better than in the original photo.

Below is a finished example of the photo how I would have edited it. I fixed the highlights a little bit but they were so blown out I couldn’t recover any more information from them. I also lifted the shadows on the tree stems to make their natural texture stand out a little bit more.


An overall good image with a few technical errors that can be fixed easily, next time try shooting more compositions and perspectives and find out which one you like the best and turn on bracketing.

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